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Dan Seidman is #1 best-selling author of Sales Autopsy and the brand new best-practices book, The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training (Pfeiffer 2012).

Dan keynotes major sales events, drawing from over 600+ hilarious selling blunders he’s collected over 25 years of speaking, training and consulting.

He is a World Masters Athlete with 3 gold medals playing on the U.S. basketball team. World Masters Sports is an Olympic-style venue for athletes over 35. It is held once every 4 years and has more than triple the participation of the Olympic Games. Dan will be competing next in Torino, Italy in 2013.

Dan can provide an outstanding interview with great humor and unique, psychologically-sound, insights into today’s sales professional. He is also available to offer article content for trade and corporate publications, as well as business journals.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Training (Pfeiffer, available in February of 2012), this 600+ page best-practices tool includes superb and unique sales training content, fantastic exercises, and fascinating ideas on the future of selling (NEED TO KNOW!), well as deep research on improving the power of your sales contests and much, much more. Contact Dan today for a quick consultation on how this tool can dramatically change your view and implementation of sales training. Dan Seidman at 1-847-359-7860 or

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#1 best-seller, Sales Autopsy

Contact Dan Seidman at 1-847-359-7860 or