With over 40 years of collective experience and brainpower, the GOT INFLUENCE? team can significantly improve performance for your organization.


Re-designing existing sales training in order to increase the volume of contacts your salespeople make, speed up sales cycles and eliminate poor prospects while converting more perfect prospects into new clients. Find out exactly why Dan was awarded 2013 International Sales Training Leader of the Year.

Developing products that generate revenue, from sales to leadership tools, from coaching models to management techniques.

Coaching leaders, managers and sales professionals so that they better motivate staff as well as motivate buyers to buy.

The Model of Sales Excellence, a new tool that can identify ideal salespeople you can hire in order to match and model your top performers. Senior sales executives can experience this for free, in order to understand the power of this psychologically-sound hiring strategy.

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Do you have the latest influence strategies built into your existing training?


What’s important and unique about GOT INFLUENCE? training…

You can develop training that really works! We use a model developed by our President, Wendy Seidman. Her products have gained global acceptance as proven by over 50 million dollars in sales.

Here’s a summary of sales training re-design strategies that Dan Seidman has presented at ASTD’s International Conference and Training Magazine’s major event.


  1. Story-telling!
  2. Ultimate Objection-handling response models
  3. Potent Scripting (for phone work, objections, networking and more)
  4. Mental Health for Sales Pros
  5. Teach Concepts to Anchor Learning
  6. How Reps can Invest in Themselves
  7. Personal Budgeting for Sales Pros
  8. Adopting Mentors, Becoming a Mentor
  9. Psychologically-sound research on motivation and decision-making
  10. Energy vs. time management
  11. Lead Generation Genius Techniques
  12. Eliminate the #1 Problem Sales Pros Face!
  13. Daily Performance Improvement Tips
  14. The Change Formula – it’s Impact on Selling
  15. Behavioral Contracting to Open Sales Calls
  16. Accountability to Improve Individual Performance
  17. Mental Flexibility
  18. Nine Strategies for Getting Past the GateKeeper
  19. The Most Neglected Area of Selling Skills – Language
  20. Research on Procrastination and How to Eliminate it
  21. Fifteen Steps to Better Listening Skills
  22. Power Questions (Eight Types & When to Ask Them)
  23. CAT scan Diagnostic Tool to Analyze Training
  24. Teach reps to train and deepen their own learning
  25. Evoke Emotion during Sales Calls
  26. Humor skills for Selling Pros

Making adjustments to your existing sales training in even a few of these areas can have a significant impact on boosting revenue.

For information or a conversation on analyzing your existing training, or to develop tools that can change behavior and improve performance, contact us today.

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Do you have a vested interested in every sales pro or leader on your staff?

Then consider how an authority on leadership or selling can improve the quality, power and influence of each sales executive, manager or leader on your team.

Both Dan and Wendy Seidman have extensive experience helping business professionals increase revenue by increasing productivity, management skills and selling skills.

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