Would you like to legally use movie scenes in your training?

How about during prospect presentations?

You can receive a license to show these videos.

Here are some examples on how I use video scenes during keynotes and training:

Keynote/training: The Secret Language of Influence
Movie: Princess Bride
Scene: The sword fight on the cliffs
Teaching moment: How to get in sync with buyers, instead of fighting and fencing while each person hides information. It’s a great scene, funny, entertaining.

Keynote/training: The Excuse Elimination Diet
Movie: Blues Brothers
Scene: A classic moment as John Belushi drops to his knees and begs his ex-fiancé (Carrie Fisher) not to shoot him as he offers a long list of outrageous excuses as to why he missed their wedding, leaving her at the altar (“My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners, the sun was in my eyes, there was an earthquake, a terrible flood, locusts…”)

Teaching moment: Excuses can sabotage our success, but they do the most damage when we convince others that they are legitimate.

Keynote/training: GOT INFLUENCE?
Movie: Glengarry Glen Ross
Scene: Alec Baldwin spends an intense seven and a half minutes ripping the sales team.
Teaching moment: The emotions (almost all negative) running through that scene are incredibly powerful. What feelings would you like your buyer to experience? You can create any emotional context you choose, when you understand how to utilize them throughout your sales presentation.

Please do the right thing, the ethical thing and get a license to show these videos.

I highly recommend this for companies that present at trade shows in order to do lead generation.

Fun, memorable, emotional moments are tied to decades of our movie experiences.

Do not ignore this opportunity to influence with video.