What if you had access to a training authority whose products have produced over 50 million dollars in revenue and sold over 4 million participant’s guides?

What if you could get advice from an individual whose training conferences were attended by over 100,000 people a year and translated into languages all across our planet?

Would it be worth your time to sit down and find out how to develop your next generation of leaders? Or to re-design your training so that it really works? Or to produce training from your existing books or materials that simply must be molded into workshop experiences, in order for you to have the impact on your marketplace that you should?

Wendy Seidman has been recognized for her tremendous contributions in the non-profit sector. With almost 20 years of experience developing products and events for Willow Creek Association, she has left an imprint on the non-profit world that is unmatched, anywhere.

She has worked with world-class speakers:

  • Chip and Dan Heath (NY Times bestselling authors)
  • Gary Hamel (top international consultant)
  • Jessica Jackley (KIVA)
  • Marcus Buckingham (NY Times bestselling author)
  • Karen Hughes (Bush Administration)
  • Tim Keller (Best-selling author and pastor)
  • Erwin McManus (Best-selling author and pastor)
  • Ken Davis (Speaker, author and pastor)
  • John Ortberg (Best-selling author and pastor)
  • Lee Strobel (Best-selling author)
  • Bill Hybels (Best-selling author and pastor)

Her published titles include:

  • The Leadership Summit Team Editions (Summit conference sessions with 100+ page process tool and approx. $500,000 annual revenue)
  • Network (Spiritual Gifts course: Bruce Bugbee, Don Cousins, Bill Hybels) and Network Revised*
  • Becoming a Contagious Christian (BACC) (Evangelism course: Mark Mittleberg, Lee Stobel, Bill Hybels)and BACC Revised*
  • BACC Student Edition (Evangelism course: Mark Mittleberg, Lee Stobel, Bill Hybels with Bo Boshers)
  • Ordinary Day with Jesus (Spiritual Formation course: John Ortberg and Ruth Barton)
  • Good Sense (financial management/stewardship and budget course: Dick Towner and John Toffilon)
  • Freed Up (revision of the financial management/stewardship and budget course: Dick Towner and John Toffilon)
  • ReGroup (Small Group Skills curriculum: John Townsend, Henry Cloud and Bill Donahue)
  • Igniting a Life of Generosity (Devotional book for ECFA—Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability)
  • Emotionally Healthy Skills (Small Groups course: Pete and Geri Scazzero)

Her clients are recognized names like:

  • Amway Global Sales Training
  • ASTD (American Society of Training and Development)
  • Bruce Bugbee and Don Cousins (Authors and church consultants)
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Christ Community Church
  • Christian and Missionary Alliance
  • ConEdison (New York City utility company)
  • ECFA (Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability)
  • Great Dads
  • Lead Like Jesus (Ken Blanchard organization)
  • Marcus Buckingham
  • Meg Meeker (parenting author)
  • Northwoods Community Church
  • Pete/Geri Scazzero (Emotionally Healthy Spirituality)
  • “Waldo” Waldman/Wingman, Inc. (F16 fighter pilot and NY Times best-selling author)

Bring Wendy in for a conversation about how we can develop a customized training products for you that will increase revenue to your organization.
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