An overview of this powerful keynote and training experience.

GOT INFLUENCE? How well do your words and phrases motivate (or de-motivate) others? Language training is the most neglected area of any management, leadership or business development program. Recent research from the world of psychology can help us increase the potency of our conversations. Useful for leading, managing, motivating and most critically, selling your ideas. This fun, interactive program will leave you wiser in your role as an executive, manager, salesperson and (most importantly) within your personal relationships.

  • Introduction to persuasive language patterns How psychologists and linguists define influential language
    Exercise: Self-assess persuasive skills and how newly-adopted skills will affect influence
  • Skill #1 Discover how to distinguish whether you should influence using “pain” or “gain.” Attendees will recognize how the other person is motivated either to attain goals or to solve problems. Each type of individual requires different dialogues to motivate them to action. Exercise: Create a mini-chart on how to present your ideas in terms of goals and benefits or problems that need solutions.
  • Skill #2 Identify whether you should offer evidence, testimonials or peer pressure to motivate specific individuals. Conversely, others make decisions based on their own beliefs and experiences and will not be influenced by endorsements, awards or accomplishments of yourself or your company. Uncover how you can influence each of these two distinct personalities. Exercise: A question that pinpoints the type of person you engaging.
  • Skill #3 Warning! There are five language patterns (you probably use regularly) that undermine influence. Master persuasion skills by raising awareness of words and phrases that can hurt your ability to communicate potently with employees, peers, buyers and personal relationships. 
    Exercise: List of 5 language patterns, self-assess which ones we use and how to replace them with better word choices.
  • Wrap-up Call to action for newer, better language skills. 
    Exercise: The best learners teach as quickly as they learn. Identify who you will share this new knowledge with to create accountability to changed behavior.

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